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Landscaping Project Complete!
Posted on Mar 23rd, 2018 Comments (0)
Thanks to everyone for turning in their proxies! At the special meeting last night, 34 voted to remove the pond fence, 0 voted to keep the pond fence and 4 did not cast ballots. As a result, the fence is scheduled to be removed on March 23.
With the new landscaping in place and community-wide mulching complete, we hope you are pleased with the improvements to our grounds! These projects reflect well over 150 hours of research, planning, meetings and on-site management by many volunteers. Our sincere thanks to:
  • Michelle Sparks for her vision, leadership and hard work on the Landscaping Committee
  • Joanne Krepela, Joe Salerno and Paula Wichlacz for their contributions on the Landscaping Committee
  • Kevin Murphy for his assistance with logistics and managing several vendors on site, including utilities, sprinklers, landscapers, gardeners, fence removal and more
  • Rudy Krepela for managing the community-wide mulching project
  • Joe Salerno and Bob Clifford for spending several days ripping out overgrown plant beds, raising the canopy on several trees and helping with the mulching effort
  • The entire community for their input on the landscaping design, fence removal and help with coordinating parking during the project
We are very proud of our community, not only for how beautiful it looks but for the way everyone pulls together to make Pointe Tarpon an outstanding place to live!