Our 38 townhomes and 27 boat slips are located in a very quiet community in Tarpon Springs, Florida
Welcome to our resort style paradise living 365 days a year in luxurious three story townhomes.

Pointe Tarpon's Super Scary Pool Party
Posted on Oct 29th, 2019
Our annual Halloween Party was super spooky and super fun! With great food, music, costumes and decorations, our community was turned into a happy haunt. Check out the pictures--just click "Photos" in the top menu and look for "Halloween Party 2019." Many thanks to Tina Boggi, Jim Lucas, Brenda Bullock, Peg Koger and Diane Reites for all their hard work and enthusiasm. 
Pointe Tarpon Marina Board
Posted on Mar 29th, 2019
The Marina Board has been working hard to determine what is needed to upgrade the Boardwalk, T- Dock and finger docks. 
Update - The Pointe Tarpon slip owners agreed 26 yeas to 1 nay (no vote) to rebuild the boardwalk and finger docks.
The contractor start date begins this spring and is expected to be completed before November 2019.


Help Protect Our Landscaping Investment

The new plants in our landscaping project are taking root. Please do not allow pets to walk through or relieve themselves in the new landscaping! As a reminder, pets are to be walked outside the gate.


Christmas Lights 2019
Saturday, November 23rd to Saturday, January 4th
This year's Christmas Decorating Party will be held on Saturday, Nov. 23, at 10 a.m. Please meet us at the gates to help string lights and set up decorations. At noon, everyone is invited for holiday music and cheer at the pool! Lights will be lit on Thanksgiving Day. On Saturday, Jan. 4, please help take the decorations down at 10 a.m. Thanks to Joanne Krepela and Tina Boggi for organizing the events!


Posted on January 1, 2019 3:00 PM