Our 38 townhomes and 27 boat slips are located in a very quiet community in Tarpon Springs, Florida
Welcome to our resort style paradise living 365 days a year in luxurious three story townhomes.

Launching new web site
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We would like to thank our own Mr. Steve Putnam for starting a web site for Pointe Tarpon in 2012.
The baton has been passed to upgrade our original web site. Since this is new we are hoping for more improvements than mistakes in our 2017 launch.

          The people who live at Pointe Tarpon enjoy living in paradise every single day. Families plan their vacations all year long to spend time in our beautiful resort style complex, which we enjoy every day.
           In the ten years I have been fortunate enough to experience spending time at Pointe Tarpon, the community has continued to show exponential improvements every year.
           The only way we continue to enhance our community is by the individual efforts put forth by our volunteers, both current and past. 
           Collectively the volunteers over the past years have made a difference.
Many thanks to all the volunteers who have made our neighborhood a proud place to dwell.

Water Meter Replacement
Wednesday, July 12th, Starting at 9 am at Pointe Tarpon
City of Tarpon Springs will be shutting off our whole communities water main on Wednesday, July 12, 2017, starting at 9;00 AM for 4 to 6 hours.
They are replacing our 30+ year old water meter located behind the the southeast corner of the property.
Expect large crane equipment on the roadway during this time.
Board of Directors meeting
Thursday, July 20th, 5:30 pm at Tenetative First Choice Conference Room
Board of Directors Meeting
Meeting change update

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